Custodia Estate Planning are experts in helping people achieve their goals by providing the right funding and insurance advice

Whether you own one property or many, Custodia Estate Planning offer bespoke mortgage advice for residential properties to help you to find the best solution for your borrowing requirements.

With so many options available and so many consideration to bear in mind find the right finance for your property purchase can be daunting. Our expertise will guide you through this maze to find the right mortgage for you.

You have your finance in place - now you need to protect your home and business. But with so many factors to consider and so many policies available finding the right one isn't easy. Custodia Estate Planning's experts have the knowledge and contacts to find the policy that's perfect for you.

If you are buying a shop, pub, restaurant, B&B, hotel, farm, residential or nursing care home or seeking development finance, you will need a commercial mortgage. There are a range of options available so this can be a complex market, which is where we can help.

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"Viral Patel was our mortgage broker and worked closely with my husband and myself to secure the best possible deal. He was fast in getting us quotes and acting as a agent mediating communication among the solicitor, property agents and us. We appreciate all his efforts!"

"Viral Patel is a truly exceptional mortgage broker. He has dealt with one of my clients with a degree of patience and expertise that I have not found previously with another broker. He completed all remortgages at a significant reduction in cost and with such diligence and promptness that the client was left feeling that she had had a truly great experience."

"I suspect when it comes to mortgages most of us assume that we can probably do the job of finding a good mortgage just as well as any broker. I found the reality is far from true and I can testify to the fact that but for Viral Patel's consummate professionalism and dedication, my family would not enjoy the financial position they are in today."

"Viral is a real star. He delivers every time and each time. Not only Viral find the best mortgage offers but he gave an extremely efficient and professional service. He is exceptionally knowledgeable. I am his regular customer and definitely recommend him."

"Viral got me a mortgage which I could manage on a single persons income.
Its coming up to 3 years and everything still going well.
Viral and I worked well together. Communications was constant and friendly. Everything was explained in layman’s terms. He made me see the outcome in a positive light."