Want to get the most out of your home
and better enjoy your retirement?
Let's talk Lifetime Mortgage. 

Are you thinking of: 

  • Improving or renovating your home? 

  • Paying off existing debts and loans?

  • Want additional retirement income?

  • Later life care at home?

  • Traveling around the world for your retirement?

  • Or just want to help family or friends get on the housing ladder?

Then, perhaps, Lifetime Mortgage can be your answer.

What is a Lifetime Mortgage, anyway?

Before we talk about Lifetime Mortgage, let's discuss first Equity. Equity is the value of your home, minus any mortgage or loan secured against it.

This is where Lifetime Mortgage comes in. 

A Lifetime Mortgage allows you to access equity and turn it into funds for your retirement - for whatever purpose you want or need.  Releasing equity from your property can be an option to provide the financial means to enjoy your later years.

Three Important Things to Remember 


You keep ownersip of your home. 


Interest is charged on the amount you borrow – you can either add this to the total loan amount or you can make repayments.


The loan is repaid when your home is sold, usually following your passing or move into long-term care.

How do you qualify for a Lifetime Mortgage?

Just two things. 

✔️You must be aged 55+

✔️The property must be your main residence.

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Ready to discuss? Schedule a free consultation with us.